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Staxus: Jockstrap Jizzers - 2 DVD set
(3 hours + , 10 scenes, 24 models featured)

Staxus, Jockstrap Jizzers

Super hot 2 DVD pack with the smoothest twinks around in horny jockstraps! Almost completely undressed they sniff socks and sneakers, stroke rock hard boy cock, suck like there's no tomorrow, fuck tight twink holes and swallow hot spunk!

Awesome 2 DVD Set! Compilation DVD

This title represent great value for money given the amount of quality content and running time. However, to ensure you don't waste money buying the same content twice, this compilation features scenes from the following titles:-

Scene 1:

World Soccer Orgy 1, Scene 1
Cast: Jay Renfro, Alex Steven, Michael Shade

World Soccer Orgy 1 , Staxus Platinum

Jackson points his lens at favourite Renfro who is tackling Steven and Shade. Shade has a shaved head, a couple of days' growth of beard, pierced tongue and a very big uncut cock. Steven is a cute Twink. Renfro gets spit roasted with the other two changing ends and both Renfro and Shade leave their defences wide open to allow others to shoot in the back of the throat.

Scene 2: Philippe Delvaux, Alex Stevens, John Hill

From Ball Banging Bastards, Scene 3

Staxus, Ball Banging Bastards

Super twink Alex teams up with dark haired John is a great fuck session where Alex once again rides the throbbing hard cock, working it with his perfect ass, sliding up and down as his own solid cock bounces in appreciation. Prepping John’s cock for the hard pounding he wants, Alex squats over the twink and slowly pushes back before he totally owns it, not resting for a second as he wants as much meat being thrust into him, opening up his young tight butt, even showing us his freshly fucked hole as he switches position, watch out you don’t shoot your load there and then!! John teases his ass by pulling out, then in giving him a real ass workout as they kiss passionately.

Staxus, Ball Banging Bastards

Emptying his balls while John is still pumping inside him, John joins the cumfest as continues to fuck Alex before jerking over his smooth body, mixing both loads together!!

Scene 3: Robin Few Proves (Once Again!) What A Cock-Hound He Really Is!

Offside, Scene 4,
Cast: Robin Few, Chester Poole, Eamon August

Pretty much everyone who knows the boy knows that Robin Few is one of those lads who simply lives for cock – and if there’s anyone out there who still doubts such sentiment then watch (and enjoy) this fabulous scene, in which he skilfully handles the combined attention of Chester Poole and Eamon August. Ironically, his two team-mates seem quite content with their own company at the start of the action, unaware that their off-pitch tryst is about to be interrupted by Few’s arrival. That said, they don’t seem at all bothered by the thought of a threesome – and is it any wonder? Few is a natural when it comes to dealing with the needs of horny young men, and having promptly engaged in giving head to his pals is quickly in his favourite position: on all fours, with tongues and cocks thrusting their way into his mega-hungry crack! As always, this lad is a total man-slut, allowing both guys to fuck him from beneath and behind, before getting covered in their thick, creamy juices. Believe us, you’re gonna love it!

Scene 4: A Spunk Flled Dream Come True

Starring: Ricky Jackson, Kamil Fox
From: World Rugby Orgy, Scene 2

World Rugby Orgy 1, Staxus Platinum

Randy Ricky Jackson has his eye on the horny player that is Kamil Fox, with his dark hair, smooth toned body and cock to get on your knees in front of; it's no wonder!! Taking a rest in a warm cottage, Ricky takes the initiative and gets Kamil's cock pumped full of blood and ready to ram inside his tight butt-hole. This is a real horny scene with Ricky's big fat cock squirting spunk everywhere whilst Kamil's thrusting away inside him until his cum joins the other load in a huge washout of the delicious liquid.

Scene 5: Post-Match Pleasures

Cast: Bryan Homer, Eric Harper
From: Grand Slam, Scene 4

Sport Ladz, Grand Slam

If you were looking for the perfect definition of post-match pleasure then young Bryan Homer might just be it. After all, this cutie from Slovakia would surely act as the perfect antidote to any strenuous session of tennis – as Eric Harper quickly discovers in this sordid duet. Not that Harper should be dismissed too lightly – given the size of the equipment between his legs you certainly wouldn’t be too eager to kick him out of your bed if ever you were lucky enough to find him there, that’s for sure! But it’s Homer who arguably warrants greatest acclaim here, as he first slurps on Harper’s mammoth ramrod and then eventually takes the thick, meaty weapon right up his ass with not so much as a whimper! Having said all this, it’s his open-mouthed appreciation of Harper’s climactic blast that deserves the ultimate accolade, with the sight of his mouth bubbling with fresh sperm surely more than enough to get you viewers bursting.

Scene 6: Kamil Fox and Brice Farmer
From: World Soccer Orgy 2, Scene 1

World Soccer Orgy 1 , Staxus Platinum

We see horny-as-fuck Farmer who commiserates with his French team mate after he had scored an own goal. Farmer then penetrates his pal's defences as he is rimmed and fucked - both shoot big loads.

Scene 7: Match-Day Perversion With Two Horny, Kit-Obsessed Cum Hounds!

From: Chester Poole, Andreas Felton
Offside, Scene 1

Playing football is a man’s game – which is good news for guys like Chester Poole and Andreas Felton, whose idea of heaven is spending a hot, sweaty session in the changing-room with the boys after the final whistle. Unfortunately for this couple of horny cock-suckers, they find themselves together all alone in this particular instance, but they’re an imaginative pair and there’s no way that these lads are gonna waste the opportunity to engage in some kinky, sports-based antics. As such, it’s not at all long before they’re putting their socks and boots to full use – savouring their masculine stench, before using the said items to jerk themselves towards a breathless frenzy. It’s not your typical sort of action, that’s for sure, but if you’ve ever fantasised at the thought of dumping a load of pent-up jizz over David Beckham’s match-day boots then prepare to see for yourself what such a perverse little wet dream would look like.

Scene 8: Council-Estate Tearaways Get All Fucked Up

Cast: Damien Esco, Romeo James
From: Fit Lads 3, Scene 1

Staxus, Fit Lads 3

If you?ve never been to Manchester, and are perhaps thinking of making a visit at some point, then make sure to make a point of calling on these two fit scallies, who (if this series of flicks is anything to go by) stand as a prime example of what all horny young guys in the city get up to given half the chance. Dressed in their normal, everyday attire of sport-kit, trainers and baggy tee-shirts ? which they very quickly toss to one side, it must be pointed out! Damien Esco and Romeo James are the very picture of what one expects from chav-obsessed director, Zack Hadley. What?s more, it?s not long before any nominal sense of ?straightness? from these two council-estate tearaways is cast away, as they rim, finger and then finally fuck each other to ecstasy. We?re not exactly sure what they mates on the corner of the street would say if they saw what they?re prepared to get up to for a few hundred quid, but there?s no doubt in our minds what you?re gonna think of this sweaty and utterly sordid little encounter.

Scene 9: Relaxing Blowjob

Cast: Teddy Green, Ian Condon
Bareback Soccer Punks 2, Scene 3

Punkz, Bareback Soccer Punkz 2

In contrast to the opening two scenes, this oral-only scene between new boys, Teddy Green and Ian Condon, might threaten to act as something of an anticlimax. Fortunately, both these new boys - each one a handsome brunet - are horny bastards with juicy, uncut knobs for you to savour. As a result, what might otherwise have been a rather forgettable session of cock-sucking is transformed into something far more riveting - the lads feasting on each other's shafts and slurping on all that tasty foreskin, whilst laid out in 69-position! Ultimately, however, such antics can have but one conclusion - and a rather sticky one at that - as both guys spurt the contents of their tight balls over each other. As half-time entertainment goes, it's pretty much as good as it gets!

Scene 10: Tony Koch, Richard Said, Cameron Jackson

From: Wold Soccer Orgy 2, Scene 5

World Soccer Orgy 2, Staxus Platinum

The other photographer, blond Jackson, is watching Said and Koch suck and fuck in the changing rooms. After Said shoots his load over Koch's arse, they realise they are being watched. Jackson is forced to take over from Said who then leaves. Jackson and Koch suck each other, before Koch squats on Jackson's long uncut cock and bounces up and down. Jackson shoots on target in Koch's mouth and then helps Koch to his own orgasm - sucking it clean at the end.

Scene 11: Sweaty Twink's Double Cum Frenzy

Cast: Milos Zambu, Levis Grant
Ball Busters, Scene 1

Sport Ladz, Ball Busters

After a hard session of football training out on the pitch, luscious Levis Grant wants a shower. All that exercise has put him in quite a sweat - but it's nothing compared to the workout he gets once Milos Zambu is fucking his sweet little ass. Having taken Zambu's thick, uncut rod between his lips, Grant writhes like an animal when Zambu licks his ass out from beneath. But the lad's not happy until his tight hole is hosting the full length of his partner's meat - riding the shaft like a veritable whore, as he moans and groans with true professional relish. Needless to say the boy's sweating like a pig by the time his cock finally yields two truly magnificent loads!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 186 mins, Year: 2012

Price: From around £25*

Starring: Jay Renfro, Alex Steven, Michael Shade, Robin Few, Chester Poole, Eamon August, Kamil Fox, Ricky Jackson, Bryan Homer, Eric Harper, Brice Farmer, Chester Poole, Andreas Felton, Damien Esco, Romeo James, Teddy Green, Ian Condon, Tony Koch, Richard Said, Milos Zambu, Levis Grant

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Staxus

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and Radvideo (USA)

Download Staxus titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also from Staxus: Big Cocks, Tight Holes (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Big Cocks, Tight Holes

Ultra smooth 2 DVD package jammed with the biggest and hardest twink cocks! These monsters find their way to the freshest most tight holes available and then take it out on them with no mercy! Painful, but rewarding...smooth teen boys fucked by hung dicks! 3 Hours, YAY!

2 DVD compilation. 10 Scenes, 23 models

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Also from Staxus: Backstroke Bangers (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Backstroke Bangers

Down by the pool these smooth twinks get turned on by skimpy swimsuits and bulging packets – so of course they suck and fuck each other like crazy!

A hot 4 way in the Jacuzzi, a gangbang in the communal showers and 8 other sizzling speedo scenes! Awesome 2 DVD Compilation Set!

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Bareback Orgy Sluts (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Bareback Orgy Sluts

Sex one-on-one is just so yesterday - at least for this collection of horny sluts, for whom no amount of cocks can ever truly be enough! Bareback Orgy Sluts Features over 40 of the hottest names in the biz, and is splattered over 180 minutes on two discs. Tthis unforgettable cascade of multi-partnered action will have you reaching for the rewind button time and time again.

Click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Uniformed Shooters (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Uniformed Shooters

Nothing’s sexier than a hot guy in uniform – except, perhaps, a hot guy out of his uniform! A fact that’s only underlined in this double-disc, three hour epic, featuring the hunkiest, horniest collection of boys in their smartest apparel. From cops to prison officers, from guys in khaki to men in blue, these chaps are smooth and smart – but best of all, they’re all as horny as fuck! As will you be once the uniforms start to come off ...

Click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Extra Inches (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Extra Inches

It's the extra things in life that count. Take these fresh and hard boys. The extra inches their massive cocks have make all the difference when they pound all the young holes they can find. It may hurt a bit, but the intense big cock pleasure makes up for that! 100% Bareback, 100% Massive cocks.

2 DVDs, 3+ Hours! - Compilation

Click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Cum Cravers (2 DVD set - Over 4hrs long)
Staxus, Cum Cravers

A massive cum filled double disc 4+ hour extravaganza! 39 hot twinks suck young hard cock, fuck willing tight holes and engage in pounding threesomes all with one goal: collect the fresh cum they crave so much. All bareback action...this one is a winner! (2 disc compilation DVD)

Click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Big Uncut Fuckers (2 DVD set - 3 Hours long)
Staxus, Big Uncut Fuckers

Awesome 2DVD pack with nothing but massive twink cock pounding fresh twink holes! Non stop bareback goodness featuring 18 barely legal boys in 12 hot scenes!

2 DVD Set, 3 Hours of banging madness!

Click here for more information or to buy

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