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Staxus: Athletic Ass Bangers 1
(6 scene Compilation Gay DVD)

Staxus Compilations, Athletic Ass Bangers



Also available:-

Athletics Ass Bangers 2


We live in sedentary world – thanks to all the labour-saving devices that we’ve filled our homes and work-places with – so it’s always good to find time to grab a little exercise to keep us fit. A philosophy that this collection of horned-up buddies are only too willing to follow to the letter. But having worked out in the gym, taken a run or even enjoyed a bit of classical dance, the likes of Sven Laarson, Nick Vargas and Tony Conrad never forget that their favourite exercise involves countless quantities of hard cock squirting copious amounts of hot goo! It’s a workout routine like no other – and one you’ll unquestionably appreciate!

Scene 1: Two Gym-Crazed Buddies Break A Sweat With A Raw Fuck & Oodles Of Hot Cum!

Cast: Kris Wallace, Sven Laarson
From: Workout, Scene 1 (title not released on DVD)

Staxus Compilations, Athletic Ass Bangers

Keeping fit and trim is an essential part and parcel of any model's job - almost as important as breathing! - so Kris Wallace and Sven Laarson are not exactly unique in their desire to break into a sweat both inside the gym and out. What may differentiate them from some of the other guys in the modelling world however, is the fact that they're clearly not adverse to undertaking all kinds of unorthodox types of exercise to maintain their physique - including (in this instance) sucking on each other's dicks and engaging in hardcore cardiovascular fornication!

Of course, it all helps that both lads are as gorgeous as fuck and as boned-up as it's possible to be - snogging each other's faces off at the very first instance, before taking turns to slurp on every inch of hard dick that's on offer. But all that's nothing compared to what follows next, as the guys savour some truly magical ass-rimming and foot-sucking against the backdrop of a workout bench!

If this doesn't blow your nads into orbit itself, just wait for the moment that Laarson finally gets to thrust that handsome ramrod of his deep into Wallace's hungry little ass-hole - the signal for the start of a ball-blasting coupling that's worthy of a whole succession of wanks! Indeed, by the time that Wallace has quite literally had the spunk bummed out of him and Laarson has then concluded proceedings by spewing all over his gym-buddy's comely face, there's every chance possible that you'll have jerked yourself sore in response!

Scene 2: It's A Fuck-&-Run Bonanza for One Horny Bitch As Harry Vakker Ploughs His Hungry Ass!

Cast: Florian Mraz, Harry Vakker
From: Running Mates, Scene 3

SauVage, Running Mates

Running can be a lonely affair – as Alan Sillitoe detailed in “The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner” – but then people who play the recorder don’t have many friends either. Perhaps that explains why Florian Mraz and Harry Vakker seem to hit it off so quickly at the start of this spunk-inducing duo. Then again, it could have something to do with the fact that they’re both top-notch beauties, neither of whom any right-minded fellow would kick out of bed in a hurry.

To be fair, it’s Mraz who (perhaps not surprisingly given his previous escapades) gives initial impetus to proceedings, laid out as he is in nothing more than a pair of sexy briefs and throwing come-to-bed eyes at his mate right from the off. What’s more, the lad’s clearly in the mood for a little bit of kink from the pairing – sniffing Vakker’s running-shoes and socks as if he was inhaling poppers. But whilst the athlete isn’t the one who does the initial running – excuse the pun! – he’s not shy at responding to his horny little pal’s advances; and before you know it the two fellows are greedily 69-ing each other over a sofa like a couple of sex-starved cock-fiends.

Suffice it to say that it’s not long before Vakker is getting a very different form of exercise courtesy of Mraz’s over-worked fuck-hole – still sporting his fitness-tracker round his waist as he does so – by which time you’ll no doubt be giving your wrist a similarly furious work-out! And the fat-burning, nad-churning antics only conclude when both lads rupture like a couple of volcanoes, the jizz quite literally firing in every direction imaginable!


Scene 3: Horny Brit-Boy Rims & Fucks His Training Partner With His Thick, Raw Dick!

Cast: Alex Candy and Connor Levi
From: Ballerino, Scene 3

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

Dancing can be a very intense, intimate activity, so it’s not surprising that those who attend dance-school can sometimes be overcome by animalistic urges. Certainly that would help explain the antics of Alex Candy and Connor Levi, whose time together in training comes to a heated conclusion when they begin to kiss and smooch. It’s not too long at all before this comparatively benign behaviour is transformed into something much more hardcore, as the two lads start to exchange somewhat energetic blowjobs.

Even then it’s obvious that the real action between these two oversexed guys is only just beginning; and before you know it Levi has Candy pressed down against a small rebounder, with the horny bottom’s legs stretched as far apart as they will physically go, so that he can rim Candy’s ass for all that it’s worth! It’s definitely a sight that has to be seen to be believed; but matters only get even more hyped up when Levi proceeds to fuck that tight little pucker, passionately thrusting his raw dick back and forth.

The action then continues up against the wall, and only concludes when neither boy can hold back a moment longer and both bust their nut with characteristic verve. A breathless, sticky climax to a terrific ball-sapping scene!

Scene 4: Hunky Marty Love Rewards Cute Twink With Inches Of Stiff Dick!

Cast: Heath Denson, Marty Love
From: Cockout, Scene 3

Staxus Sport Ladz, Cockout!

Modern life can be so sedentary, with little if indeed any regular exercise, that it’s vitally important that we maintain a regular fitness regime – a sentiment that both Heath Denson and Marty Love have clearly adopted as they engage in a sweaty, breathless session of kickboxing practice. But why stop there? Wrestling each other to the floor, it’s next to no time before hunky Love is forcibly tugging away Denson’s skin-tight body-suit and giving the pretty twink’s hairless cock a real manly sucking. A turn of events that Denson self-evidently has no objection to given that he’s soon returning the compliment.

All the same, it doesn’t take much of a genius to understand where all this action is headed – or, to put it more accurately, where Love’s thick uncut shaft is set to end up! – and indeed before you know it Denson’s hungry little pucker is being given an enthusiastic rimming in preparation for the inevitable fuck that’s set to follow. And where tongues go, cocks are sure to follow, as Love pounds balls-deep into Denson’s hole, giving the pommel-horse a real good workout in the process. By the time Marty’s spewing over Denson’s face, odds are you’ll be creaming too!

Scene 5: Locker Room Antics See Horny Hunk Give His Twink Mate A Hard-Dicked Pummelling!

Cast: Dave Circus, Jordan Jacobs
From: DreamTeam, Scene 3

Staxus Platinum, Dream Team

What is it about being in a locker-room that appears to send grown men into a lather of excitement? Of course, it probably has something to do with the copious amounts of naked flesh that always seem to be such an integral part of the gym scene, but even straight guys like the tattooed and muscular Dave Circus seem unable to avoid being similarly affected – as this scene amply demonstrates when the fellow encounters the comparatively lightweight Jordan Jacobs.

Staxus Platinum, Dream Team

Fact is that Circus seems totally unable to resist making advances to the young twink, and before you know it Jacobs has responded to the advance by positioning himself right between the fellow’s beefy thighs so that he can feed off Circus’s dick. It’s a move that can only affect the stud in one way, and it comes as absolutely no surprise when Circus pushes Jacobs over a bench and begins to rim and finger the young chap’s ass in anticipation of the inevitable fuck that you just know is coming Jacobs’ way.

And come it does – big style! – as Circus promptly begins to bangs away at the lad’s relatively inexperienced (but extremely keen) hole, ultimately knocking the spunk out of the fellow in crude appreciation. It’s absolutely no wonder at all that the horny, over-sexed hunk is quickly reaching the point of no return, coating his mate’s chest in jizz in the process and no doubt leaving the rest of us almost gasping for breath.

Scene 6: Weight-Pushing Fuck-Buds Take A Slippery, Cum-Soaked Ride!

Cast: Nick Vargas, Tony Conrad
From: Oil Up 2, Scene 2

Sport Ladz, Oiled Up 2

You only have to take one passing glance at Nick Vargas to realise that he’s no stranger to physical exercise – a man who heads out to the gym to push some weights having already spent a sweaty hour or two fine-tuning his martial expertise. Not that you’d really expect anything less from a STAXUS model, of course; and meantime young Tony Conrad is clearly keen to emulate his pal’s habits by lifting dumbbells in an effort to pump his guns. In short, these two mates are at the peak of youthful fitness – a fact that director, John Smith, uses to the fullest measure here by pitching them together in an oiled-up wrestling contest.

That in itself is a veritable marvel to behold – their greased, handsome bodies rubbing against each other, literally igniting the room with erotic tension in the process. But of course it’s what happens between these two mates when the action finally turns decidedly sexualised that will interest most viewers; with Vargas quickly feasting on Conrad’s now swollen shaft, before the roles are then switched in a bid to return the compliment.

It doesn’t really take much of an expert to realise who’s going to be top and who’s going to be bottom, of course; but that doesn’t detract from the sight of Vargas finally taking full mastery of the situation by stretching the youngster’s arse with his fingers, before burying his shaft deep into the gaping hole. Nor, for that matter, will there be many who are able to resist the sight of Conrad creaming mid-fuck, whilst Vargas spurts his wad on his pal’s pucker. All in all, an unquestionably sporty, spunky classic!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 107 mins, Year: 2018 (Orginal Content 2012 - 2015)

Price: Around £20 / €25*

Starring: Alex Candy, Dave Circus, Tony Conrad, Heath Denson, Jordan Jacobs, Sven Laarson, Connor Levi, Marty Love, Florian Mraz, Harry Vakker, Nick Vargas, Kris Wallace

Director: John Smith

Studio: Staxus

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Member site:

Country: United Kingdom, Language: english

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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