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Staxus: Facial Buddies - Gay DVD
(6 scene Compilation Gay DVD)

Staxus Compilations, Facial Buddies


Also available

Facial Buddies 2
Staxus, Facial Buddies 2





Buddies cum in all shapes and sizes – but the best buddies cum all over your face! A point that this gang of horned-up, over-sexed fuckers are only too keen to emphasise, as they rut like fucking animals and then complete their dirty-minded antics by squirting the contents of their balls right between each other’s eyes! In short, this gay XXX download is top-notch classic filth, as boy after boy gets his pretty little face well and truly plastered with lashings of spunk for your perverse entertainment! You've probably never seen more gay twink facials before!

Scene 1: Young Czech Twink Gets A Right Dutch Buggering & Hot Facial!

Cast: Jacob Waterhouse, Kris Blent
From: Biker Boyz, Scene 2

SauVage, Biker Boyz

Being a proud Dutchman, Kris Blent’s cycling skills are second to none. Being one of the horniest gay guys on the planet his boy-craving skills are equally well-defined – as becomes apparent here (once again!) when he returns home after a bike ride in the country to find Jacob Waterhouse patiently sat awaiting attention. Something Blent gives him big time! Indeed, these two buddies are soon gyrating against each other, kissing and fondling like a couple of whores; before Waterhouse finally falls to his knees and starts to feast on his mate’s big, uncut schlong!

SauVage, Biker Boyz

It’s a somewhat understandably lengthy show of appreciation, that’s for sure – and it leaves the boy from the Low Countries with a particularly keen appetite for dick even for him. As a result he’s soon slurping on his mate’s ramrod and rimming and fingering his arse; before the temptation just gets way too much and he finally forces his aching shaft deep into Waterhouse’s pucker. It’s a move that certainly seems to press all the right buttons as far as this very horned-up bottom is concerned, with Waterhouse riding dick in a whole series of positions – and clearly loving every fucking minute of it!

So much so, in fact, that he’s soon reached the point of no return, squirting a very handsome wad of pent-up jizz all over his own firm, toned belly. That’s more than enough to get Blent teetering on the edge – at which point he promptly towers above his pal, then jerks out a tremendous volley of pure Dutch ball-brew over Waterhouse’s face! A lingering, snowballed smooch finally serves as the wrap to this classic!

Scene 2: Afternoon Sex Games

Cast: Lucas Miles, John Willis, Marco Will
From: Virgin Sinners, Scene 2

Filthy Punkz, Virgin Sinners

What happens when three horny boys get together for an afternoon with not much to do? Well, for me and my friends it would usually mean some stolen porn mags and some shared cock stroking, but for Lucas Miles, John Willis and Marco Will it means a whole lot of horny action from jerking to sucking and hardcore fucking too! With boys like these the cock is easy, rock hard at the slightest hint of some action, and all three are more than happy to help each other out and feast on those dicks. The fucking is intense as all of the boys get their freak on, servicing each others uncut tools and sliding some solid inches into some tight little ass for a ride. But the cum shooting is perhaps the hottest part about this video - one of these lucky boys gets the load fucked out of him before taking a messy double facial from his friends! My shared wanking with buddies of mine never ended like that, I wish I could go back in time!

Scene 3: Zack Hood Banged By Rudy Valentino

Cast: Zack Hood, Rudy Valentino
From: Valentino's Valentines, Scene 5

Zack Hood Banged By Rudy Valentino

How many students, we wonder, would love to have a mentor like Zack Hood? A tutor who cares for his scholars so much that he’ll readily put aside time in his diary so as to gain an intimate knowledge of their needs. To be fair, we have no definitive way of knowing whether what we see in this scene is reflective of Hood’s standard teaching practice.

What we can say, however, is that in the case of young Rudy Valentino the fellow takes the very first opportunity to unzip his pants so that he can thrust his thick, aching cock down the student’s hungry throat. It’s an undeniably deft move, and one to which Valentino responds with characteristic glee. Of course at this point you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that Valentino is destined to be bouncing up and down on the muscle king’s ramrod before the scene’s end, but as if to defy such expectation director John Smith works matters round in completely the opposite way.

As such it’s top-man Hood who gets his ass pounded for your satisfaction – a rare delight that could see you busting a nut before both lads spew on each other’s faces. In short, a top notch gem from two of gay porn’s star performers!

Scene 4: Pool Boy Gets His Gaping Ass Pumped Hard & His Face Creamed!

Cast: Benjamin Dunn, Titus Snow
From: Twinks In Love, Scene 3

Raw Films, Twinks In Love

Titus Snow’s latest travail takes the handsome South African to a rather plush indoor pool in downtown Prague, where he encounters the lean, leggy delights of Benjamin Dunn in the changing rooms. Not that anything implicitly sexual takes place between the pair at that point; but having taken a swim, and finding Dunn lazing away on a lounger in an adjoining room, the young man decides to chance his arm by jumping into a nearby shower and providing a provocative display of all his assets.

Raw Films, Twinks In Love

It’s a show that surely not even a blind eunuch could ignore; and, needless to say, Dunn is soon in total raptures at the spectacle, beckoning the boy forward and immediately inviting him to have a heavy, open-mouthed slurp on his oversized dick. It’ll come as little surprise to anyone, of course, that Snow doesn’t turn his back on such an envious opportunity, eagerly feasting away on every generous inch that his new-found buddy has to offer. By this point it’s pretty obvious that the young lad is soon going to be skewered by the said phallus; but first the two guys engage in a short session of 69-ing that really sets the mood nicely for the hard-hitting fuck to come.

And boy does the lucky lad get it when the moment arrives – riding Dunn’s shaft like a bitch on overdrive, reverse cowboy style, then taking it from behind for all he’s worth. It really is little wonder that he’s soon erupting like a fucking volcano all over his belly; before Dunn concludes proceedings with a truly breathtaking volley of spunk across Snow’s mouth, chin and neck that leaves the guy dripping of goo!

Scene 5: Hero-Worship Leads To Cock-Worship As Spidey Gets To Fuck Hungry Twink Ass!

Cast: Milan Sharp, Skylar Blu
From: Web Of Sperm, Scene 3

Staxus, Web of Sperm

Hero-worship comes in all different forms, but young Skylar Blu takes it to a whole new level when he rewards Spidey (Milan Sharp) for rescuing his phone and cash from the clutches of a mugger. No mere word of thanks here. Instead, Blu’s flashing his cum-to-bed eyes at the superhero and inviting the fellow to feast on the gorgeous flesh before him – and believe us, Sharp doesn’t show the slightest bit of reticence in response.

Indeed, Spiderman is soon feasting on Blu’s hard, uncut dick like a being possessed, and who on earth can blame him? Given half the chance most of us would be slurping on that thick beauty in much the same fashion! Young Spidey’s ultimate objective, however, is the young twink’s infamously hungry ass, which as every porn lover knows has a truly insatiable appetite and which has already taken more stiff cock in its short life than most of us can hope to enjoy in a lifetime! And here it enjoys yet another fabulous taste of carnality, riding every inch of Sharp’s gloriously generous rod like a true professional.

Little wonder that Blu is soon busting a nut in response; although ultimate accolade goes to Spiderman himself, whose cum-shot not only coats Blu’s face but much of the room besides. In short, top-notch filth!

Scene 6: Cute Horny Blond Boy Gets His Pert Ass Well & Truly Banged!

Cast: Jaye Elektra, Kamyk Walker
From: Y-Not, Scene 2

Brit Ladz, Y- Not

Everyone who’s ever met the lad knows that young blond, Kamyk Walker, is a complete and utter cock-whore – which is good news for us, of course, given that he’s such a sexy little bastard, and (in this instance at least) excellent news for Jaye Elektra, a darling dark-haired guy who’s only too willing to allow his new-found fuck-buddy to take full advantage of their situation. Not that Elektra appears to show much reluctance when it comes to dick-worship.

Indeed, both these two mega-horny lads are soon sucking away on each other’s thick, meaty shafts like it’s going out of fashion! For Walker, however, satisfaction is never, ever gonna be achieved until he’s getting his aching pucker the kind of shafting that it was quite literally born for. So after a hot session of 69-ing on the sofa he’s well up for a real old-fashioned banging – and believe us, Elektra is more than happy to oblige, ploughing his knob deep into the lad’s butt with all the youthful gusto we know you love.

It’s no small wonder, therefore, that Walker is soon spurting the contents of his nads all over his belly; leaving Elektra the pleasure of topping off the scene by spraying his jizz across Walker’s face. If the sight of a cute blond boy dripping with cum floats your boat then this is for you!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 112 mins, Year: 2018 (Orginal Content 2012 - 2016)

Price: Around £20 / €25*

Starring: Kris Blent, Skylar Blu, Benjamin Dunn, Jaye Elektra, Zack Hood, Lucas Miles, Milan Sharp, Titus Snow, Rudy Valentino, Kamyk Walker, Jacob Waterhouse, Marco Will, John Willis

Director: John Smith

Studio: Staxus

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Download Staxus titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: United Kingdom, Language: english

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Also from Staxus: Fucking Footballers (6 Scene compilation)
Staxus, Fucking Footballers

There are the friends who are just your friends. Then there’s the friends who you fuck around with. Finally, there’s the friends who’ll let you cream all over their face! Guys like Leo Ocean, Yuri Adamov, Xavier Sibley and Milan Sharp, who love nothing better than getting their arses stretched to the max, before allowing their mates to whitewash them right between the eyes. Leaving them totally satisfied – and literally dripping with spunk!

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