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Staxus: Brexit Fuckers 2
(2 DVD compilation set - 12 scenes)


We’ve heard all the arguments about whether Britain should be in and out of Europe – but now get ready to see a second fantastic collection of Brit boys getting in and out of each other’s arses! Indeed, these lads don’t give a flying fuck about the pros and cons of the Single Market or Schengen. All they’re interested in is the next hot fuck and load of hot cum! Lads like Aaron Aurora and Skylar Blu, who – along with continental visitors such as Billy Rubens – won’t be satisfied until every hole has been filled and every drop of Brit jizz has finally been drained!

This title represent great value for money given the amount of quality content and running time. However, to ensure you don't waste money buying the same content twice, this compilation features scenes from the following titles:-

Scene 1: Confession Is Good For The Soul – Not To Mention Young Hard Cocks & Horny Ass-Holes!

Cast: Louis Blakeson, Mickey Taylor
From: Beach Bums, Scene 4

SauVage, Beach Bums

With the warm Portuguese sunshine beating down and the roar of the Atlantic in the background, it’s no small wonder that boyfriends Louis Blakeson and Mickey Taylor are feeling as fresh and as horny as it’s possible for young men to feel. But for all that feel-good glow, there’s something eating into Taylor’s mind – a sense of guilt that’s casting a shadow on this boy’s holiday. Time for confession, it seems.

SauVage, Beach Bums

If anything, however, Taylor’s admission that he’s had sex with Paul Walker simply ups the ante – mainly because Blakeson has his own confession to make regarding Orlando White. Realising that they’re clearly both as faithless as each other, they’re now free to make up by enjoying the hottest, wildest sex imaginable – and boy do they go for it! Sucking each off in the sand, then heading for the nearby woods to fuck each other silly, these two fellows put any notion of holiday romance to one side in order to savour the thrills and spills of mindless fornication – exactly the kind of action that we all love to see!

Each moaning and groaning like a pair of wild dingos, grinding their hips into each others’ asses as they do so, it’s no real wonder that they’re both very quickly at the point of no return – at which point they each lie side by side in the sun and simultaneously jerk out hefty wads of ball-batter over their own bellies. Whether you like the inked physique of Taylor or the pale skin of Blakeson – or maybe even both! – this spunktastic trip to the seaside is sure to drain your balls dry!

Scene 2: Brit Boy Aurora Rides Czech Cock, Then Gets Fingered & Fisted!

Cast: Aaron Aurora, Brad Fitt
From: More, Scene 3

Dirty Fuckers, More!

Let’s be perfectly honest here, Brad Fitt and Aaron Aurora are probably two of the biggest sluts that we’ve got on the STAXUS books, so it’s not surprising that we were all looking forward to this stupendous pairing when we heard about it. Suffice it to say, we were not disappointed!

And neither, for that matter, will you be. Both Fitt and Aurora are in top-notch form as they kick off with a sexy, romantic clinch that quickly (and not surprisingly!) develops into something much harder. Fact is neither of these boys can wait to get feasting on each other’s dicks – first Fitt, who slurps on Aurora’s dipstick with typical gusto; then Aurora, whose mouth slides up and down his pal’s shaved cock with such ease that you’d think he was born for the job! But the real action begins when Aurora finally sits down on Fitt’s knob, riding that thick length of meat for all he’s worth.

It’s the signal for a stupendous fuck-and-fist session that sees Fitt’s dick eventually replaced first by his clenched hand, then by a sex-toy – much to the Brit boy’s obvious delight! All nicely topped off by a stunning open-mouthed facial that sees Aurora splattered with jizz and looking every inch the total slag!

Scene 3: Lager-Supping Chavs Enjoy Some Deep-Throated Fun & A Hard Raw Fuck!

Cast: Kamyk Walker, Jonathan Tago
From: Up North, Scene 4

Brit Ladz, Up North

Honestly now, is there anything better than watching a couple of half-brained, baseball-capped chavs slouching around whilst they drink lager and piss around on the computer? Well, as Kamyk Walker and Jonathan Tago ably demonstrate here, perhaps there is – but only if they get their cocks out! Fortunately for us, both these lads appear more than happy, willing and able to do exactly that; and before you know it the two boys have their clenched fists wrapped around their respective dicks.

Not that either of these guys are gonna be content with a simple wank, of course – least of all Walker, who (as we all know very well by now) is never backward at coming forwards where dick’s concerned. As it turns out, however, it’s Tago who makes the first move, slurping on his mate’s shaft with the kind of eagerness we like to see from our lads. But when it comes to cock-worship, of course, there’s very few who can compete with Walker; and having savoured Tago’s efforts it’s up to him to show us how it’s really done, deep-throating his pal’s handsomely-sized ramrod and then promptly mounting the meaty, hooded dong and giving it a real hard ride from every direction.

The result is a breathless, laddish fuck that pretty much sums up chaps of this age and class; and by the time Tago has summed up proceedings by spurting on Walker’s face and then finishing off his can, your own satisfied wad is assured!

Scene 4: Blond Painters Have More Fun – And Plenty Of Raw Uncut Cock Up Their Ass!

Cast: Blake Hanson, Dean Essex
From: On The Job, Scene 2

Brit Ladz, On The Job

Pizza can be very filling, as anyone who’s been to Dominos can probably testify, but it’s not as satisfying as a big hard cock. A point that young blond-boy, Dean Essex, is made all too aware of when he encounters fellow painter, Blake Hanson, in this terrific cock-sucking, ass-stretching bonanza! In fairness, a lad like Essex looks more than capable of handling both pizza and dick given half the chance, but given that the former is off the menu he really hasn’t got much choice in the matter.Indeed, his appetite has to be appeased by the gorgeous ramrod that Hanson has stuffed inside his overalls – and to his credit he handles the oversized salami with unmistakable gusto.

Nevertheless, having then been given head in return, Essex’s cravings are such that he wants to go that one step further; and it comes as no surprise when the fellow mounts Hanson’s dick and begins to ride it like a jockey going for all-out glory on Derby Day!

Cue a terrific bareback ride that can surely only have one conclusion – namely a splendidly sticky eruption all over Hanson’s belly as Essex himself continues to pound up and down on his mate’s knob. By the time that Hanson has spewed his own gooey mess moments later there’s every good chance that your balls will have blown a deeply satisfying conclusion in the direction of the screen!

Scene 5: Cock-Sucking Student Buddies Enjoy A Break From Studies With Classroom Fornication!

Cast: Lucius York, Connor Levi
From: Chic Geek, Scene 3

Twink Republic, Chic Geek

Getting a good education is a definite must for students Lucius York and Connor Levi, but let’s be honest here and admit that getting laid probably comes even higher on these boys’ list of objectives. Or at least that’s the distinct impression that you get during the opening moments of this spunktastic scene, as the lads very quickly abandon their illusion of brain-enhancement – not to mention their glasses! – in favour of far more carnal interests. As a result it’s no time at all before newbie, York, is falling down onto his knees and giving his buddy’s cock some hardcore attention; whilst Levi is soon turning the tables by stripping his mate’s clothes off to reveal a gloriously hairless, uncut shaft that’s quite literally crying out for attention.

A little lube-enhanced foot-play adds to the charge of the encounter, but it’s not long before Levi is thrusting his engorged dick deep into York’s hungry little ass-hole – an act that appears to release the hidden slut in the horny bottom, who then promptly engages in a whole series of positions in an effort to gain the satisfaction that he’s clearly craving. Fortunately for him, Levi’s more than equipped where it counts to give a frustrated little fuck-buddy the full-on experience he needs; and by the time he’s being bashed over one of the classroom desks there’s very little that York doesn’t know about being the subject of full-on attention.

It’s clearly a revelation that works for the fellow, as he spews a fabulous wad of jizz all over his own belly; before Levi concludes his part in proceedings by whitewashing York’s ass-hole with a generous explosion!

Scene 6: Geek Twink Gets Just What He Wants From A First Date – Inches Galore Of Hard Dick Up His Ass!

Cast: Chase Evans, Jonny Castle
From: Geek Peek, Scene 4

Twink Republic, Geek Peek

It’s hard not to get the impression that fresh-faced twink, Chase Evans, is like a lamb to the slaughter in the opening moments of this terrific twosome with the ever-ferocious Jonny Castle – a young fellow who never stands the slightest chance of resisting the wanton, in-your-face temptations that his horny mate lays blatantly in his path. But whilst it would be obvious even to a blind man that it’s Castle who does all the initial running when the two fellows first meet, including lying prostrate on his bed and indulging in a none-too-discrete display of availability before pouncing on Evans’s dick and almost sucking the life out of it there and then, it’s not too long before the youngster is giving just as much as he’s getting in this encounter.

Twink Republic, Geek Peek

Much to Castle’s clear delight, it has to be said. Far from being the sexual predator, the lad’s rampant display is quickly revealed to be nothing more than an aid to him getting exactly what he wants – namely Evans’s meaty, uncut cock rammed to the hilt up his ass! As such, the second half of this encounter has a decidedly different feel, with Evans now very much in control of the situation and Castle very much the dominated party.

Cue a ball-bustin’ display of rampant copulation from these two dirty fuckers, with Castle riding raw cock like his very existence and depended on it and Evans only too eager to oblige. No feckin’ wonder that both guys are soon dumping geyser-like sprays of jizz – a fitting finale to their five-star cum-inducing performance!

Scene 7: Cute Boy-Lovin’ Twink Buries Himself Cock-Deep In A Locker Room Fuck-Fest!

Cast: Ethan White, Skylar Blu
From: Play To Win, Scene 1

Staxus Sport Ladz, Play To Win

Playing sport of any kind always leaves you vulnerable to the risk of injury, but on the up-side there’s always the possibility that an otherwise unwelcome groin strain will gain you the full-on attention of a dedicated whore such as Skylar Blu. At least that’s the turn of events that dark-haired cutie, Ethan White experiences here, as Blu works his muscle-rubbing magic on his pal’s firm young flesh – in the hope, no doubt, that White will respond in kind.

Needless to report, it’s not many seconds before White is doing exactly that, pulling Blu’s engorged knob from the lad’s shorts and feasting on the generous rod of hard, aching flesh bouncing out before him. Both boys, it seems, are well up for an uncompromising session of hardcore fornication; and it’s no time at all before Blu is rimming, and then fucking, White’s hungry little hole.

The sight of that floppy-haired blond shoving every inch of raw dick deep inside his buddy’s crack will no doubt be more than enough to get your juices flowing; though it’s the sticky finale (namely White busting his nut on the massage table before taking a face-load of jizz courtesy of Blu) that gives best reason for a top-rate blow-out!

Scene 8: Dick-Lovin’ Twink Gets Plenty Of Thick Chav Cock To Stretch All His Holes!

Cast: Alexander Syden, Jordan Downing
From: Y Not, Scene 4

Brit Ladz, Y- Not

Who can resist the charms of a handsome chav? Not Alexander Syden, that’s for sure, as he bounds into the room to find Jordan Downing taking a nap – the lad’s second-favourite activity, given that his first is fucking hot ass! Before you can say Jack Robinson, Syden’s fingering his mate’s crotch and then sucking the king-sized dick that he discovers inside Downing’s pants; an unquestionably eager move that signals the start of this fantastic high-octane display.

Downing for his part seems to love every second of Syden giving head, but is it any great wonder? The feel of Syden’s pierced tongue running up and down his bell-end is surely more than enough to get the juices flowing; and it comes as no surprise when Downing returns to compliment on the strawberry-blond twink’s hairless dick. But, as we all know, Downing’s main objective in this set-piece is to get his fuck-rod as deep into Syden’s hungry butt as quickly as possible – an objective he achieves with almost breathtaking ease even for this hardcore scally.

As such it’s no time at all before Syden is bouncing up and down the full raw length of Downing’s love-stick, gasping in delight as the chav then mounts him from every given direction. No surprise then that the lad is soon spurting like an overdue geyser; leaving Downing to shoot his wad into Syden’s open mouth!

Scene 9: Sneaker-Sniffing Fun Leads To These “Innocent” Twinks Rutting Like Whores!

Cast: Kai Alexander, Xandis Hollis
From: Bareback Innit?!, Scene 2

Brit Ladz, Bareback Innit Gay DVD

We defy anyone not to be seriously turned on by young Xander Hollis – the kind of dreamy, pitch-perfect twink who surely delivers as perfect wet dream fodder each and every time! Indeed, when we informed Kai Alexander that we were arranging a shoot for him and the Czech beauty, the horny Brit-boy almost creamed his pants in excitement. He knew (as did we) that this was gonna make for one of the hottest couplings in a long time – and we’re pleased to tell you that neither lad proves to be a disappointment in any way, shape or form.

Brit Ladz, Bareback Innit Gay DVD

Hollis, in particular, is as beautiful as ever, and the sight of his soft tanned skin against Alexander’s pale body is almost enough to get you dumping a load right at the start. But the heated session of giving head that gets things started is soon trumped by some kinky sneaker play; before all that shoe-sniffing leads to a terrific display of 69-ing on the sofa.

Is it any wonder that both boys are as high as kites by the time Hollis is ready to dock balls-deep into Alexander’s ass? What follows is a terrific, sweaty fuckathon; but it’s the energetic facials and the ensuing cum-laden French kiss that we reckon will last longest in the memory.

Scene 10: Hot Twink Threesomer

Cast: Connor Levi, Jesse MacGowen & Brad Fitt
From: Hoodie Sluts, Scene 2

Brit Ladz, Hoodie Sluts

It’s an alarmingly simple formula – get three horny young lads in a room with a bed and tell them to do what comes naturally for the camera – but hey, as we all know, it works every time! So don’t expect any fancy performances from this trio of lads (Brit boys Connor Levi and Jesse Magowan, together with their Slovak fuck-buddy, Brad Fitt). Instead, savour in the trackie-donned delights of three hot chavs in season.

To be perfectly frank the scene is almost half-over before Levi gets his dick out, but don’t for one minute think that that implies lack of action. In fact, Fitt and Magowan have had their cocks worked over by every mouth in the room by this point; but things only get even hotter when Fitt sits himself down on Magowan’s lap and gives that thick, uncut shaft between the Brit boy’s thighs a real good cowboy-style ride. It’s a move that encourages Levi into a similarly inspired fuck, as he then plonks himself down on Fitt’s lap at the same time.

The result is a fabulous fuck-tower; followed by Jesse getting spit-roasted by Fitt and Levi and receiving blasts of cum at both ends! In short, a raunchy, rough-necked suck-and-fuckathon that’ll have you spurting buckets!

Scene 11: Long-Haired Beauty Gets Probed Good & Proper In A Penetrating Bareback Interview!

Cast: Chase Hunt, Jeanne D'Arc
From: Twink Republic, Scene 1

Twink Republic, Chi cGeek

If you’ve got a soft spot – or should that be a hard spot? – for young, long-haired twinks like Jeanne D’Arc, then you’re in for a treat. As was Chase Hunt when D’Arc arrived at Twink Republic Airways for an interview. Fact is the horny interviewer can’t wait to see much more of this luscious brunette, and it’s not long before he’s stripping away D’Arc’s shirt to explore a great deal more of the delights inside. Needless to say, Hunt’s a clear exponent of the more feminine-looking youngster and is soon feeding off his flesh with typical STAXUS gusto; though in fairness he discovers an equally energetic counterpart in D’Arc, who clearly can’t wait to get Hunt’s thick-set ramrod down his throat. But of course the real centrepiece of this interview is always going to be the fuck-test, and whether the would-be employee can take dick like a man – excuse the pun!

As such it’s with almost a hint of pent-up desperation that Hunt finally forces the pretty boy up against the interview desk and thrusts his raw, uncut knob deep into D’Arc’s hungry little ass-hole. Cue a absolutely fabulous coupling that eventually sees the two lads mounting the table and copulating like a couple of wild animals on heat! It’s probably little surprise, therefore, that both fellows are soon on the point of no return, with D’Arc spraying all over his own belly and Hunt completing the performance by spurting the contents of his hairy ball-sack all over D’Arc’s face. As interviews go, definitely one for the memory book!

Scene 12: “Skaterboy” Billy Rubens Gives His Tattooed Buddy A Right Raw Fucking & A Face-Load Of Jizz!

Cast: Mickey Taylor, Billy Rubens
From: Hangin', Scene 4

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'

We’ll leave you to decide whether the transformation of Billy Rubens into a skater-lad is entirely credible, but the fact remains that he’s one hell of a sexy little fucker who lightens up any scene he happens to be in – in this instance with ink-boy STAXUS exclusive, Mickey Taylor. What’s more, having resisted the urge to go au-natural up until this point, Rubens finally gives in to the inevitable and ditches the rubbers in return for extra kudos from his burgeoning legion of fans.

Don’t get the impression that this scene is a mere one-on-one fuck and nothing more, however. Having hit the sofa together, Taylor and Rubens engage in a fabulous session of foot and sock worship, which will appeal to anyone who loves their action to have a little bit of kink. Only having then progressed to some beautifully filmed rimming do the two fellows finally get to the main act of primeval rutting, with Rubens sticking his obscenely raw shaft deep into Taylor’s rump to give the young punk the fuck of his life. What follows is a stupendously filthy act of fornication that’ll unquestionably have you reaching for the zipper in order to tug on the old bishop; with Taylor manfully taking every single inch of unprotected flesh up his man-hole for your entertainment.

Given his level of excitement, it’s little wonder that the bottle-blond bottom eventually knocks out quite a wad of spunk; before his pleasure is completed by Rubens jerking off all over his face, whitewashing his smooth, boyish features in the process. If that doesn’t do it for you, guys, then we really have absolutely no idea what will!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 238 mins, Year: 2017 (Orginal Content 2012 - 2014)

Price: Around £25* / €35 (2 DVD set)

Starring: Louis Blakeson, Aaron Aurora, Kamyk Walker, Jonathan Tago, Blake Hanson, Dean Essex, Lucius York, Chase Evans, Jonny Castle, Ethan White, Skylar Blu, Alexander Syden, Jordan Downing, Kai Alexander, Xander Hollis, Connor Levi, Jesse Magowen, Brad Fitt, CHase Hunt, Jeanne D'Arc, Mickey Taylor, Billy Rubens

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Staxus

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Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: United Kingdom, Language: english

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Staxus, Bareback Gangbang

Everyone loves an orgy - especially you dirty-minded fuckers who love nothing better than watching groups of gorgeous, cock-mad Czech twinks sucking and fucking each other like it's going out of fashion. From group sex in the army to a mass mouth-and-ass-stretching session courtesy of a group of travelling students, this is an undisputed must-watch for everyone who loves their porn with a numerical advantage!

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Also from Staxus: Bareback Butt Stretchers (2 DVD set)
Staxus, Bareback Butt Stretchers

With over 3 hours (!) of fabulous hardcore action on 2 discs, featuring a countless array of the most-desirable STAXUS stars ever assembled. 9 Scenes filled with piss, double penetration, fisting and nice fucking action! (2 DVD set)

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