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Staxus: Anal Seeders - 2 DVD set
(4 hours, 10 scenes, 40 models featured)

Staxus, Anal Seeders

You like to see boys wearing rubber? Well forget it! This group of horny, cock-mad, barebacking friends just love to take dick as it should be: raw and hard! In fact, they’re not really happy until their ass-holes are stretched to the max and awash with their lust-juices! Prudes, be warned. This 2-disc epic features a whole gang of sluts know few limits in their quest for sexual satisfaction!

Awesome 2 DVD Set! Compilation DVD

This title represent great value for money given the amount of quality content and running time. However, to ensure you don't waste money buying the same content twice, this compilation features scenes from the following titles:-

Scene 1:

From: BB Twink Street, Scene 5

Twinkz, Bareback Twink Street

Don't miss this 11 boy pile up fuck frenzy on the dance floor including some xxx rimming, blowing and massive hardcore tight ass fucking. These young and cute boys are filthy like you've never seen before. It ends with explosions of face covering jizz. One of the best scenes ever!

Scene 2:

From: BB Twink Street 2, Scene 1

Twinkz, Bareback Twink Street 2

A cute, blond student is hard up for cash. He answers an advert offering easy money; all he has to do is agree to be filmed having sex with a slim teen lad. Reluctantly the student agrees, the horny cameraman co-ercing him out of his clothes - but pretty soon he's well up for it, fucking the young lad bareback while sucking on the cameraman's thick cock. To bring the scene to a sticky climax the student gets his peachy ass fucked raw by the camera guy, before spunking all over his face.

Scene 3:

From: Raw Times, Scene 3

Raw Times, Raw Films

Two well built late twenties/early thirties soldiers are having an arm wrestle when two very young new recruits walk in. These two are really cocky youngsters and one challenges one of the well built guys to an arm wrestle. This youngster is slim without any real muscle showing (at this stage he is wearing a vest) so if you like young, cheeky guys - they'll be a real turn on for you. The two older guys soon have the cute guys sucking on their long, thick cocks - all of them still in their camouflage uniform. The younger looking one out of the two cute lads seems to be an expert cock sucker, taking the cock all the way in and out. After some nice cock sucking, the two hunks get it on together and the two twinks do the same on a bunk bed. On the top bunk are the hunks with the two cute young lads on the bottom one - a double '69er'. The action is hot, fast and frantic with the camera moving from the hunks to the young lads until it explodes with one of the hunks shooting his hot cum into the faces of the innocent raw recruits.

Raw Times, Raw Films

The other hunk enters his thick, erect cock into the tight hole of one of the twinks, while the other young recruit pushes a dildo up his virginal arse. The hunk pushes his cock slowly at first, allowing the young lad's arse stretch to let it all fit in. This causes the young recruit to moan loudly - making his young friend fuck his own arse with the dildo even more vigorously. Close up camera work really allows you to see the hole stretching around the hunk's large cock and seeing the big hole when his cock is removed to be plunged in again. Hunk jacks away at the young, raw recruit's cock as he is fucking his arse and soon the youngster is shooting his hot cum over his chest while hunk pumps away. The hunk then goes to the cuter lad who is playing with the dildo and replaces the dildo with his cock.

Scene 4:

From: Raw Tricks, Scene 4

Raw Tricks, Raw Films

There is a very hot threesome scene between Giovany Vito, Richard Damon and Robert Driveman. Giovany at the beginning of the scene in just his sexy undies, wearing just a black tie and sunglasses looks very like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Giovany and Richard have short dark hair, Robert has short wavy blond hair. They all start off on a bed in their sexy underwear and soon feast on each others cocks like rampant beasts out of control. This is quite a horny scene and there is a lot of sperm leakage, some of which gets fucked deep into Giovany's tight arse. Some well timed close ups allow you to see sperm dripping and running out of Giovany's well fucked and relaxed butt hole, which many of you will enjoy seeing!

Scene 5:

From: Raw Edge, Scene 2

Raw Films, Raw Edge

This scene is another sea of horny paradise which has three horny boyish looking young studs in it. Two barmen show off in the bar sexually in front of a customer, one barman pulls his cock out and the other barman plays with it. They try and tease their blond customer, who is the most boyish looking one of the three, called Lucky Penn. Penn goes to his bedroom in the hotel and in total sexual frustration, our smooth skinned man boy wanks himself with one hand, whilst fucking himself, with a flexible long dildo up his butt hole. After a while Ricci Silverado and Thomas Wolf the two barmen from the bar, enter Penn's room without Penn knowing at first, then cute as hell Silverado pulls his cock out again with Wolf wanking it off for him, as they briefly watch Penn pleasuring himself. Wolf is the slimmest and tallest and has short brown hair and Silverado is nicely tanned with a tattoo on his back. They both help Penn get even more sexually excited by really fucking and sucking on Penn hard. After Wolf has fucked Penn and cum, he has to leave to go back to the bar, which leaves Penn to get fucked by Silverado. Penn really moans like hell when being fucked and then at the end enjoys sucking on Silverado's cock, who comes into his mouth.

Scene 6:

Bare Adventure - Scene 2

Bare Adventure - Cameron Jackson Naked

A young kid gets caught spying on a hot, blond muscled swimmer in the changing rooms. His punishment is to swallow the swimmer's stiff cut cock. The swim guy, Robert Driveman, is a very handsome bloke, late twenties, with a great body. His black mate joins him in dishing out the boy's punishment, and this guy has a massive slice of black man meat; I almost felt sorry for the kid as he choked on it while Robert fingered his hole. The phrase 'spit roast' doesn't do justice to the inches of rough raw cock this poor lad has to cope with.

Scene 7:

From: Bareback Twink Street 2 - Scene 5

Twinkz, Bareback Twink Street 2

Blond Elliot is in a boxing match with handsome, muscled Michael Smith (the stunning guy on the DVD's cover.) Elliot wins the match, with the loser Michael forced to be treated as a sex object by Elliot and his eight mates. Soon all the guys are naked and hard; this is one of those scenes when you don't know where to look, every one of the lads is really attractive. Each lad takes it in turns to force his cock into Michael's willing mouth, then they each fuck him bareback. Lucky Michael gets his ass well ploughed in this fabulous, raw gangbang. Some of these lads are really hung, but Michael takes every inch manfully.

Scene 8:

From: Raw Fix, Scene 4

Raw Films, Raw Fix

There's a blond workman, twenties, tanned, built big. He has bum problems, after fucking around with his muscled colleague - two smooth ripped bodies, two very hard cocks. Dr Delicious gives him possibly the most thorough rectal examination ever seen in medical science. Fans of white rubber gloves will love the slow one, two with the fingers.

Scene 9:

From: Raw Recruits, scene 4

Raw Films, Raw Recruits

This film has got it all, staggeringly handsome fit as fuck, Eastern European smooth young studs, who bareback and take cum in their mouths, like it’s the last sexual experience they are ever going to have, plus on top of that you’ve got the hot man creamers in uniform too.

Scene 10:

From: Raw Recruits, Scene 5

Raw Films, Raw Recruits

Jay the randy blond sex fuck sensation also appears in the last scene called “Private Party”. He and Ted Clark start off on an army bed, in some boiler room or other getting it on. Ted is a brown haired cute sensation on legs, his hair is cropped at both sides, his body is as smooth as hot melted chocolate, he’s probably the youngest in the film bless his puppy dog looking self. Jay flashes one of his, I’m going to teach you everything I know smiles at Ted, then he frantically pulls Ted’s army trousers off and gorges on Ted’s uncut virgin like cock, wanting desperately to enjoy this young man's cock meat. After a few minutes Dion Philips walks in on them both, Dion is yet another blond sex god and Jay with nodding approval from his young virginal, new fuck buddy Ted agrees to turn the twosome into a threesome. Jay ends up with cock up his sweet blond butt hole and in his mouth at the same time. Ted loves being a top to Jays bubble butt, as Jay gorges on Dion’s blond cock meat, which gives us a good view of young Ted’s, Twinkie sweet bubble butt. Ted eventually sprays his ball juice over Jay’s back and then, rams his cock back up Jay’s hot willing butt crack again, which then allows Jay to take Dions squirts of hot cum in his mouth. The scene ends with both Ted and Dion helping Jay hold his legs, as close to his chest as they can go and then Jay squirts his own cum juices right into the centre of his own mouth, just like he’s probably done it many times before.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 237 mins, Year: 2011

Price: From around £25* (2 DVD set)

Starring: Dennis Reed, Tom Nowy, Around 40 models

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Staxus

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and Radvideo (USA)

Download Staxus titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also from Staxus: Now That's What I Call Staxus 4 (2 DVD set)
Staxus, Now That's What I Call Staxus 3

*Some of the best-ever STAXUS scenes compiled on DVD!* For over ten years now STAXUS has been producing the very best gay porn with the help of some of the hottest, horniest young guys on the planet, to become Europe’s biggest and best-loved label in the biz! So come with us – literally! – as we celebrate this achievement with a fourth double-disc bonanza of a dozen of the very raunchiest, spunk-sodden escapades; featuring 27 of the most cock-crazed, arse-obsessed fuckers ever to appear in front of a camera. (2 DVD compilation Set)

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Now That's What I Call Staxus 4 (2 DVD Compilation Set)
Staxus, Bareback Butt Stretchers 2 (2 DVD set)

2 DVD Set with very hot extreme anal action! If you like your sex with a little bit of bite then you’ve definitely cum to the right place, as a collection of the hottest, horniest twinks in the biz get chance to explore their more experimental side in this double-disc classic. No plain vanilla sex in the missionary position here, folks. These lads like their action to be a little on the wild side, as a successive display of fisting, spanking, pissing, spit-roasting and double-penetrating serves only to prove.

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Open Air Sluts 3 (2 DVD Compilation Set)
Staxus, Open Air Sluts 3

2 DVD Set! There’s a definite buzz to sex in the great outdoors – the skies hanging above your heads, the fresh air on your face (not to mention your balls!) and the thought deep down that you could just be caught in the act. Rudy Valentino, Tim Law, Brad Fitt and Leo Ocean are just a few of the legendary STAXUS buddies who like their action to be unrestrained by indoor orthodoxies!

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Spunk Lovin' Spit Roasters (Compilation Gay DVD)
Staxus, Spunk Lovin' Spit Roasters

Not everyone’s happy enjoying one cock at a time. Some lads just aren’t content unless they’ve got two big, aching shafts pounding away at them – one at each end of their bodies! And it’s these kind of horny, dick-crazed sluts that we celebrate here. Fresh-faced twinks like Ariel Glutton, Alex Silvers and Will Sims, who just love getting stuffed like pigs courtesy of their mates’s meaty dicks – and who always get rewarded with rich lashings of hot, sticky spunk!!

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