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Trailer Trash Boys
Trailer Trash Boys: Better Than Your Dad

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad


A man's got needs, and the dirty Trailer Trash Boys are up to it again in Better Than Your Dad. Romeo Davis is trying to enjoy a cigarette and jerk his big uncut dick, but Bryce Hart decides that he needs to suck it. Devin Franco can't find his butt plug, and then don't you know, he finds it up Felix Fox's asshole! Jack Hunter invites Kirk Cummings over for a romantic Roadkill Surprise dinner with some cock on the side. Daddy Jack Dixon gets his huge cock up Donnie Argento's hole. And then Isaac X wants some of Mason Lear's dick because he's bored. Just remember Some guys suck dick better than their dad does!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Romeo David, Bryce Hart

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad

Romeo was there just minding his own business, having hisself a cigarette and playing with his big ol' thick uncut dick when Bryce just HAS to get all up his ass for it. So instead of getting back to work, Romeo makes Bryce go over and suck his dick good and proper and then play with that big sweaty foreskin and then of course Romeo turns Bryce around and gives him a good dick in the ass for not keeping his damn mouth shut. The lesson learned is "if you see Romeo jerking his dick, it's already too late, you're gonna get it in the hole. Just let it happen." That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Scene 2: Devin Franco, Felix Fox

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad

Devin's always losing his stuff all over the place and that day he couldn't find his butt plug. You'd think someone like Devin would be happy for a bit of time with nothing up his hole, but nope... he needs a good stretching. But Felix had borrowed it on account of his working with Uncle Drew, and don't you know it got stuck all up in his hole. Well, Devin was a good friend and helped him get it out before sticking his dick in.

Scene 3: Kirk Cummings, Jack Hunter

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad

Cletus is fixing some dinner for himself and his buddy Junior. And it’s a Super special night cuz in his job as a road sweeper, he done find himself enough for THREE Varmint Road Kill Surprise. Junior can’t wait to get hisself a home cooked meal, neither, and when Cletus tells him “show me that sweet ass and I’ll give you a beer,” don’t you know Junior one-ups him and says “you keep talking about how big your dick is, why don’t you show it to me? Well, THAT was just the invite that Cletus was hoping he would get when he asked Cletus over. Junior drops to his knees and sucks himself that big dick before Cletus turns him around, rims and fingers his hole and then slides that monster cock up his butt. Hope the beer was cold.

Scene 4: Devin Franco, Bryce Hart

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad

Devin been playing with his nips so much that they're big enough to hitch hike with. Bryce took on look at them things and couldn't wait to get Devin off just with his mouth. Weren't too long before both of them studs had cum all over their faces. That's how we play at Lot 45.

Scene 5: Donnie Argento, Jack Dixon

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad

Donnie just ain't never gonna learn his lesson. He's supposed to be working and not jekring but with a dick that sweet he has trouble keeping his hands off of it. A few weeks ago Daddy Jack had enough of his lazin' around and done fucked Donnie up the butt and then blew a big load of cum in his face. Donnie thought that might be the end of it, but nope... today Donnie shows up to work and Daddy Jack tells him "I'm not done with you yet, boy." Then Donnie finds himself bent over the front steps of the trailer all covered in piss and before he knows it he's got a big thick dick up his asshole. AGAIN. Damn he ain't gonna sit down normal for another week and he got himself ANOTHER load of cum on his face. Well, fuck. No matter. Daddy Jack don't know it but the whole reason Donnie's been such a lazy fuck is that he loves that big thick daddy dick shoved up his hole. And feeling that hairy ass as he gets pounded makes it even better. All in a day's work at Lot 45.

Scene 6: Mason Lear, Isacc X

Trailer Trash Boys, Better Than Your Dad

UncleFucker it's HOT out there. Isaac and Mason can barely stand the heat. Them fancy oscillating fans can only blow so much air around the trailer and even we ...

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 2021

Price: Around £30* / $40*

Starring: Devin Franco, Felix Fox, Jack Hunter, Kirk Cummings, Bryce Hart, Jack Dixon, Donnie Argento, Isaac X, Mason Lear

Director: Trenton Ducati

Studio: Trailer Trash Boys

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Member Site: Trailer Trash Boys

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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We ain't seen Uncle Dew around here for a while. Seems he got himself into some legal trouble and had 90 days of free room and board courtesy of the locas authorities. But now that he's got his ass out of jail, he wants to get his dick into some ass!

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Also available from Trailer Trash Boys: Uncle Drew
Trailer Trash Boys, Uncle Drew

Y'all just don't know the trouble we get into here at Lot 45. Us Trailer Park Boys can be a rowdy bunch. We work hard, we play hard, and we get hard. And buddy, when one of them guys gets a hard-on, well it's got to go up some other guy's butt. Ain't nothing wrong with taking your buddy's dick when he needs a place to stick it.

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Trailer Trash Boys
Trailer Trash Boys Gay DVDs
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