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Naked Sword Originals
Naked Sword: Psycho Joe - Gay DVD
upto 4K download also available (see below)

Naked Sword Originals, Psycho Joe





Watch your back on the streets of Manchester as ‘Psycho Joe’, a stalker and killer played by Mickey Taylor, is on the prowl. This nut job is always lurking and looking for his next victim, but you just can’t help but fall in love with him. Join award-winning NakedSword Originals director mr. Pam and her cast of European studs in this edgy tale of infatuation, sex and murder written by and starring, Mickey Taylor!

Scene 1: Psycho Joe’s Newest Obsession Leo Rex & Wade Mathews

Naked Sword Originals,Psycho Joe

‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) is tending bar when Leo Rex stumbles into the pub and asks the tattooed bartender what drink he recommends. Joe is instantly infatuated with Leo. After his pint, Leo heads back to his flat to have a wank, unknowingly followed by Joe, who stealthily breaks in thru Leo’s backdoor and strokes himself as he watches Leo caress his cock. A knock at the door from Wade Mathews interrupts Leo, but he pulls the stud inside and the two passionately lock lips. ‘Psycho Joe’ sneaks upstairs quietly while Leo and Wade shed their clothes downstairs. When Leo sees Wade’s thick, uncut cock, he drops to his knees and takes the swollen member down his throat. After fucking Leo’s face, Wade returns the favor on his knees by choking down every inch of Leo’s cock. Wade wants his other hole filled so he bends over the couch to let Leo enter him from behind. Happy to be taking cock, Wade lets Leo hold him down and drill his meat deep inside. When Wade wants control, he hops on top to gyrate his tight ass up and down on Leo’s thick pole. Switching it up one more time, Leo puts Wade on his back to pile drive him till the end. With Leo stretching his hole, Wade jerks his uncut cock until a thick load shoots out onto his stomach. Seeing Wade covered in his cum is too much for Leo, so he pulls out and shoots his cum all over Wade’s chest. Joe watched the entire fuck, and he wants to consume Leo! Appalled when Wade quickly dismissed Leo post fuck to run out, Joe sets his sights on getting a taste of angelic Leo and revenge on Wade!

Scene 2: Fantasy Flip Fuck Leo Rex & Mickey Taylor

Naked Sword Originals,Psycho Joe

‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) is hiding upstairs in Leo Rex’s flat. He wanders around Leo’s room, rummaging thru his stuff until he finds a pair of Leo’s underwear. Overwhelmed by Leo’s scent, Joe can’t help but to pull his cock out and start stroking on his crush’s bed. We watch his fantasy play out when he imagines Leo joining him on the bed and slurping down his thick, uncut cock. As the clothes come off, Leo sits on Joe’s face to get the stalking stud’s tongue up his hole. Joe then bends Leo over to have total access of Leo’s ass with his hungry mouth. With Leo slick with spit, Mickey sinks his thick, hard rod deep into Leo’s crack. His fantasy gets more real with each pump as he pounds Leo doggy-style on his bed. To Joe’s surprise, Leo climbs on top of his stalker and takes a ride on his uncut meat. Joe pounds Leo one last time before Leo flips the switch and shoves his cock into Joe from behind. Joe can’t believe he has Leo’s cock deep inside of him and backs up on his cock to feel every inch. Joe gives Leo full control of his hole when he gets on his back to let Leo work his ass. While Leo pumps Joe’s ass, he helps him out by jerking his cock at the same time until Joe covers himself with his own thick ropes. To finish him off, Joe goes ass to mouth on Leo until the tatted stud unloads in Joe’s mouth. Just as he thought his dreams have come true, Joe is forced back to reality when Leo nearly catches him on the bed. Joe dashes off to remove all obstacles between him and Leo.

Scene 3: Best Mates Threeway Drew Dixon, Igor Bellucci and Jake Daniels

Naked Sword Originals,Psycho Joe

Leo Rex, on his phone and not paying attention, nearly gets hit by a car when ‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) saves his life by pulling him out of the way. In a “my hero” moment, Leo makes a plan with Joe to meet up later. Moments after, a hooded figure attacks Wade Mathews outside his apartment, covering his face with a rag and making him pass out. Meanwhile, Leo heads to the pub where he tells all his mates about his near-death experience and his new love interest, the bartender who saved him. To his surprise, his friends find it creepy that Joe just happened to be at the right place at the right time. After a heated exchange, Leo is having none of their negativity and takes off with Gabriel Phoenix, leaving Drew Dixon, Jake Daniels and Igor Bellucci to entertain themselves. The trio heads to the main bar and start making out and stripping each other’s clothes off. Jake pulls down Drew’s pants to reveal his uncut dick. While Igor and Drew make out, Jake sinks to his knees and fills his mouth with Drew’s cock. Igor wants some meat in his mouth so Jake and Drew stand in front of the kneeling Brazilian twink and let him savor every inch of their cocks. Jake joins Igor on the floor so they can both swallow down Drew’s rod. Now it’s Jake’s turn to feed his mates some cock, and Igor and Drew don’t waste an inch. Igor and Jake prime Drew’s hole with their tongues before Jake bends him over and drives in his cock. Drew sucks on Igor’s meat while Jake pounds him from behind. Switching it up, Drew goes ass to mouth on Jake’s cock, while Igor takes his turn stretching Drew out. Drew wants to cum and gets on his back on a bar stool to stroke a load out onto his heaving abs while Jake keeps thrusting his cock inside Drew. Drew gets down on his knees one last time to take his mates’ loads straight to his face, making sure to lick up every last drop. But what about Leo, should the guys explore their bad feelings about their mate’s potentially psycho date?

Scene 4: Joe Goes Off the Rails Mickey Taylor, Gabriel Phoenix & Wade Mathews

Naked Sword Originals,Psycho Joe

Wade Mathews is slowly coming to when he finds ‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) has him and Gabriel Phoenix tied up with their mouths taped shut. Joe threatens them both with a large kitchen knife and warns them not to talk while professing his love for Leo Rex. Joe tells the bound studs that whoever he enjoys more, gets to live. He starts taking advantage of his hostages, burying his face in their crotches before pulling Wade’s pants down and sucking his cock. After Joe has his taste of Wade, he turns back to the Gabriel to suck his thick dick. As part of his sick game, Joe unties Gabriel and instructs him to get on his knees and service Wade’s cock. Eager not to die, the two do as they’re told and switch places so Wade can suck on Gabriel’s dick. Joe keeps teasing them both with his knife, reassuring them that he’s in charge. As the boys compete to impress Joe and stay alive, the Psycho stands up to feed Gabriel his cock. After they all take turns blowing each other, Joe gets down to plant his tongue in between Wade’s crack to prepare him for what’s to come. While Wade keeps sucking Gabriel’s meat, Joe works his thick pole into Wade’s tight hole. Joe wants to watch Gabriel fuck Wade, so they switch positions, keeping Wade in the middle. Joe isn’t done with them yet as he gets on all fours to take a pounding from Gabriel as he wraps his lips around Wade’s cock. Now it’s Wade’s turn to fuck his captor as Joe sucks down the pole that was just inside of him. Gabriel is eager to feel a tight ass one more time and he shoves his cock back into Joe. While Gabriel is pounding Joe, Wade jerks his load onto Joe’s ass. Wade pulls out and adds his load to the mix before eating both loads out of Joe’s crack. The hostages get on their knees one last time to let Joe stroke out his load all over their faces. In the end, who fucked Joe better? Will ‘Psycho Joe’ let them both live or die?

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 90 mins, Year 2019

Price: Around £30*

Starring: Mickey Tailor, Leo Rex, Gabriel Phoenix, Drew Dixon, Igor Bellucci, Jake Daniels, Wade Mathews

Director: Mr Pam

Studio: Naked Sword Originals

Buy DVDs online at:, Homoactive and Radvideo (USA)

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Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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