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Staxus / Bad Boy  Boarders
Bad Boy Boarders: Lights Out Gay DVD

Lights Out, Bad Boy Boarders (Staxus)

Everyone’s favourite student, Billy Rubens, leads a cast of filthy-minded fuckers at the hottest, cutest boarding school around.
Like most lads their age, these guys aren’t the slightest bit interested in what’s on the curriculum; but what marks the likes of Kamyk Walker and Aaron Aurora out from the usual crowd is that they’re totally obsessed with hot dick and fresh spunk!

Fortunately for them, they’ve enrolled at just the right place; as a class-load of cock-crazed sophomores vie for fucking and sucking rights once the lights at last go out!

Scene 1: Billy Rubens gives his study buddy something to remember – Eight inches of hard cock up his ass!

Starring: Billy Rubens and Sam Kirby
Also available: Schooboy Fuckers 1

Lights Out, Bad Boy Boarders (Staxus)

Billy Rubens is bored – and no fuckin’ wonder! Having your head in a book all day is not exactly the most stimulating activity, after all. Never one to just sit around and suffer in silence, however, he’s soon pestering Sam Kirby – a young British Asian lad – to engage in some less-traditional studies, which (initially, at least) Kirby holds out against. But as we all know, Rubens is a determined sod, and before you know it he’s eagerly ripping into his mate’s clothes like a fellow possessed! Given the intensity of the guy’s libido and the fact that Rubens is a much more physically bulked individual, little Sam Kirby never really stands a chance.

All he can do is lie back and let his buddy do his worst – and, believe us, that’s exactly what Rubens does! Before Kirby knows what’s happened, he’s got Rubens positioned between his legs and sucking his dick like a feckin’ vacuum pump! It’s a turn of events that can only ever have one effect on the lads we know, and it’ll come as no surprise when we tell you that Kirby is soon busily engaged in returning the compliment; before lying himself prostrate on the sofa and allowing Rubens to thrust his thick, meaty, uncut pole deep inside his hungry little fuck-hole! Cue a deliciously ball-bustin’ fuckathon, which sees Rubens bang his now hyper-horny pal in a succession of positions – as if to rid himself of all that pent-up student frustration! All culminating in a very fluid demonstration when the fellow spews his wad all over Kirby’s face. Beautiful!!

Scene 2: A Surprising Discovery Gets These Two Hot, Over-Sexed School Lads Fucking Like Whores!

Starring: Chase Hunt and Kamyk Walker
Also available: Schoolboy Fuckers 2

Lights Out, Bad Boy Boarders (Staxus)

Okay, so we doubt that any teacher worth his salt would leave a bottle of lube and a gay porn mag in an unlocked desk, but let’s adopt suspension of disbelief and accept that that’s exactly what Chase Hunt and Kamyk Walker discover in the fellow’s office whilst waiting for him to arrive. Besides, all you’re gonna be interested in is seeing two of the hottest, horniest cuties around getting their dicks out of their school trousers – which, we’re pleased to say, is exactly what happens here! Indeed, Walker clearly can’t wait to give his ever-ready shaft a tug.

Nor, for that matter, can he wait to award Hunt’s dick with a deep-throated massage! As a result, the illicit publication is very promptly tossed to one side in favour of a rampant session of cock-sucking – exactly the kind you’ll find played out every day in the field of education, we’re quite sure! As such, both lads are soon out of their uniforms and enjoying a feast of hard dick; before Hunt turns up the temperature in the room by giving Walker’s (far from virgin) hole the kind of rimming it deserves!

It’s the cue, of course, for a hardcore session of wanton bareback fucking, with our young Polish hero taking every unforgiving inch of flesh that his classmate can thrust in his direction. Then again, what else would you ever expect from Walker? What might surprise – and delight! – you, however, is the lad’s response to Hunt’s cumshot, which he quite literally takes directly in his mouth and gulps down like fucking icecream! But let’s face it, with their teacher due back any minute, it makes sense to swallow all the evidence!

Scene 3: Time To Study? Not Fuckin’ Likely, As Two Cock-Starved Twinks Feast On A Timetable Of Dick!

Starring: Aaron Aurora, Owen Jackson
Also available: Schoolboy Fuckers 3

Lights Out, Bad Boy Boarders (Staxus)

You have to feel a little bit sorry for Aaron Aurora. There he is, head in a book, minding his own business and clearly wishing only to make progress with his studies, when in bounds Owen Jackson – a young scoundrel whose interests at school are limited to chatting up the other lads in class and seeing how quickly he can get into their pants.

Needless to report, Aurora’s resistance is tame to say the very least; and, credit where credit is due, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a guy woo a mate out of his pants quite as quickly as Jackson does here. Mind, pulling his dick from his trousers is an unquestionable game-winner right from the off – let’s face it, a youngster with Aurora’s reputation is highly unlikely to turn that kind of offer down in a hurry! Indeed, so it proves; and before you can say “Jack the Lad” everyone’s favourite schoolboy is greedily feasting on young Jackson’s dick like a being possessed.

From that point, of course, Aurora is very putty in his over-sexed buddy’s hands; and, having enjoyed a subsequent blow-job courtesy of Jackson, is soon spreading his legs in order to accommodate his pal’s engorged knob-head deep inside his ass! Not that Aurora – a fellow who’s already enjoyed more hard cock in his short life than most do in a whole lifetime – is ever going to be fazed at such a prospect. Indeed, the randy little vixen is very soon riding every hard inch that Jackson can thrust in his direction like a veritable pro; culminating in him spewing a fine wad of jizz all over his own belly to add to the fine spray of goo that Jackson has dumped seconds before!

Scene 4: Spit-Roasting School-Time Threesome Rewards Kamyk Walker With A Full-On Facial!

Starring: Billy Rubens, Kamyk Walker & Will Sims
Also available: Now That's What I Call Staxus 1 (2 DVD set)

Lights Out, Bad Boy Boarders (Staxus)

The first thing that’ll strike you at the start of this utterly terrific threesome is just what a studious trio Billy Rubens, Kamyk Walker and Will Sims make – each lad stuck with his head in a book, completely oblivious to the alternative fun that they could all be having if only the thought occurred to them! Fortunately for all concerned – most notably for us, the viewers! – that particular notion finally dawns on the band of horny buddies when Rubens tosses his reading material to one side, unbuttons his school trousers and invites Walker and Sims to investigate what he’s got stuffed inside his zipper!

An invitation that the two youngsters readily accept with the kind of gusto that we’ve long since come to expect from such cock-crazed bastards! What’s more they don’t disappoint – though whether you’d expect otherwise from a couple of sluts such as Sims and Walker is another matter entirely. Walker, in particular, clearly can’t wait to get his lips around Rubens’s knob; and it seems only a matter of a few minutes before he’s squatting down on the same handsome dick and riding it for all that he’s worth. A move that opens the metaphoric floodgates for a hard-hitting session of wanton, bareback fornication, which sees the young Pole get banged in every direction by his two hot and horny buddies.

It’s raw, it’s raunchy and – most noteworthy of all – Walker clearly loves every fuckin’ second of it, in particular when Rubens and Sims simultaneously splatter his cheeky little face with cum! The best days of your life have rarely (if ever) looked so appealing!

Scene 5: Gary Flicker Solo

Lights Out, Bad Boy Boarders (Staxus)


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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Download Gay DVDs

Running Time: 95 mins, Year: 2014

Price: From around £20*

Starring: Billy Rubens, Sam Kirby, Chase Hunt, Kamyk Walker, Owen Jackson, Aaron Aurora, Billy Rubens, Will Sims, Kamyk Walker, Gary Fletcher

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Staxus / Bad Boy Boarders

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Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Bad Boy Boarders: After Lights Out
Staxus, Bareback Boarders, After Lights Out

School days were never such fun. When the lights go out, these guys put their books down and their dicks up in this super twink bareback fantasy! The hottest twinks in crazy cum spurting action!

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Also available from Bad Boy Boarders: School Sucks
Staxus, Bareback Boarders, School Sucks

It’s a title that will sound a cord with anyone whose schooldays were perhaps not as enjoyable as they should’ve been; but seriously, is there anyone whose time in the classroom was really as hot as this? Seems like the times have seriously changed since any of us were at school. Gone are the long days spent learning by rote – replaced by long nights spent sucking and fucking like it’s going out of fashion.

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Also available from Bad Boy Boarders: Bareback Boarders 1
Staxus, Bareback Boarders part 1

These public school boarders are only interested in what happens after lights out at England’s sexiest boarding school. Watch these bad boy boarders as they give a new twist to Biology lessons. Smooth bodies, big dicks and hardcore action in the dorm, in the classroom and all over! Starring Justin Conway, Connor Levi and everyone’s favourite schoolboy, Jaxon Radoc, this is one hell of a fuckin’ horny fuckfest that’s sure to get top marks in the end-of-term report!

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Also available from Bad Boy Boarders: Bareback Boarders 2
Staxus, Bareback Boarders part 2

One term at England’s sexiest boarding school was never, ever destined to be enough, as this second horny collection of bad boy boarders take the study of anatomy to a whole new level. Tim Law, Connor Levi and everybody’s favourite schoolboy, Jaxon Radoc, show just how smooth and sexy young students can be, as we return to the dorm for a repeat performance of sucking and fucking between lessons. These boys study hard – and bang ass even harder!

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Also available from Bad Boy Boarders: Bareback Boarders 3
Staxus, Bareback Boarders part 3

It’s time for another term at everyone’s favourite boarding school, where the students just can’t wait for the lessons to end so that they can concentrate on the only subject that interests them – the male anatomy! And it’s most definitely top marks for the role-call in this horny escapade, as the likes of Tim Law, Connor Levi and the A-Grade Aussie cock-loving supremo, Jaxon Radoc, get all clued up to go top of the class. Has studying ever looked so much fun? Or produced quite so much spunk?

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